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AI Policy for Digital Annie UK


At Digital Annie, I use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to enhance the services provided, ensuring efficiency and quality for my clients. This policy outlines my ethical guidelines and operational protocols in using AI technologies.

Use of AI Tools

  • General Use: I employ AI tools to support and enhance my service offerings, including content ideation and collaborative improvements, Image suggestions, data analysis (from publicly available data), and operational efficiencies.
  • Anonymity in Usage: When using AI tools, data is input in a generalised and anonymised format. For example, descriptions like “a business offering gardening services in the UK” are used rather than specific client details.
  • AI tools used: ChatGPT (paid version), and In addition I use AI collaboratively within Canva, Google, Grammarly, LinkedIn, Meta and Metricool. 

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Protection of Personal and Sensitive Information: I do not enter personal details of clients or their customers into AI tools. Similarly, commercially sensitive information is strictly safeguarded to honour Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Public Information: AI may be used to analyse publicly available information, such as blog posts on client websites, to gather insights or enhance content.
  • Video and Image Content: AI tools are not used to edit videos or images containing the clients themselves or their portraits without explicit consent from the client.

Ethical Considerations

  • AI Learning: I am aware that some AI models use inputted data to learn. Care is taken to prevent any unintended storage or misuse of data belonging to clients.
  • Copyright and Output Verification: I ensure that the outputs from AI tools are not copyrighted before use. All AI-generated content is verified for accuracy and originality to avoid plagiarism and ensure factual correctness.
  • Potential Bias: AI tools may have unintentional bias and care is taken to ensure both sides to every argument are researched. 

Compliance and Verification

  • Output Verification: All information produced by AI tools is thoroughly checked for accuracy and plagiarism before being delivered to clients. This includes cross-referencing with reputable sources and ensuring compliance with intellectual property laws.
  • Regulatory Compliance: I comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to AI usage, including data protection and privacy laws.

Client Transparency

  • Disclosure to Clients: At the current time I mainly use AI to test use cases. If my clients ask about the use of AI tools, I provide details of these tools and share knowledge upon request. 
  • Opt out: Clients can send a written request to opt out of using AI for any of their tasks completed by Digital Annie. 

Continual Learning and Adaptation 

  • Policy Review: This policy is reviewed annually or as needed to adapt to technological advancements and regulatory changes. Adjustments are made to continuously align with best practices in AI use and data ethics.
  • Professional Development: I am committed to continual learning about AI advancements and ethical considerations, ensuring that my practices always reflect the latest standards and knowledge. 

Last updated 14th May 2024