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How it works

By the hour: My services cost £30 per hour  (minimum one hour)  and are rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. As I regularly do the work  you might find I can do certain tasks a little faster. Which means you will get more than you imagine for one hour’s worth of work.

By retainer: Depending on the type of work needed you might find it easy to pay to protect time. I can get booked up really fast and I wouldn’t want you to miss out. Say you need so many posts scheduling per week for Facebook, we can agree a fee for this and that would guarantee I will always be available to deliver this for you.

Per project: Projects can have a number of different variables such as research that may be needed, post implementation follow up, testing etc. We will have a discussion about how it will work best for both of us, discover the needs of the project and agree a price.

My preference is to work with you and find out what is going to make the best use of your money with my expertise. It’s good to talk as they say and I offer a free no obligation consultation. Please do get in touch.

Who I like to work with:  I prefer to work with people who are passionate about what they are doing and where they are going. These people either don’t have the time or the expertise needed. I enjoy helping others succeed, that’s my passion and why I set up this business.

How do I work? I prefer to work remotely. We will agree how you will get information to me (if required) and I will crack on and get it done for you. I don’t need office space, I’m happy taking instructions over the phone or via email but always happy to catch up over coffee as well.

“Fantastic, some real insights and fantastic tips. I would highly recommend this thorough service from Digital Annie” – Local Craft Business Owner