Services I offer:

I am a virtual business assistant and my preference is to work off site in my own space. I like to work with people have a passion for their business or project. They know what they need doing but either don’t have the expertise or time to complete it on their own.

My hourly rate is £30 an hour.

Depending on the type of work you and I will do it might be easier to retain my services. That way you can protect so many hours a month  and guarantee I will be available to you. We will discuss and mutually agree an approach that works.  

Equally working on projects can have many variables such as whether I need to be on site somewhere, if there is pre-admin and post admin work to be done, ongoing support following the project, your budget etc We will discuss and agree a suitable price based on the work involved.

I offer services to support you in  Social Media and Website, Project support or management, Governance and Compliance,  as well as more traditional Office Administration (minute taking, MS Office, Gmail, Data Entry etc).

Contact me for a free consultation or choose one of the services below to find out more details.

“Digital Annie created a social media plan which she presented very logically to the steering group, kept track of progress and provided daily updates which encouraged us to focus on attainable goals, acting as a motivational tool when energy was lacking.” Chairman of an International Charity 

“Digital Annie offers insight into how processes should work for customers, how the concepts of ecommerce are best utilised, how to identify problem areas and come up with great solutions…..the list goes on.” Senior Manager of a PLC